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Laura Knudsen
District 206 Board of Education

Leadership that will put kids over politics. Our district can provide the highest quality education in an environment that is safe for students, while preserving parents' rights.

Opinions on this site are mine and are not the district or the school board. All official statement of the school board or district come directly as District 206 communication. 

School Bus


Thank you for electing me to the SD206 School Board. I am honored and take the responsibility seriously. 

  • Laura Knudsen has been an active parent in the Alexandria Area School District 206 for 15 years. 

  • Along the way, Laura has served as the President of the Early Childhood Education Parent Advisory Committee, worked on referendums and volunteered in the classroom.

  • Her proudest accomplishment was being a part of the parent team that upgraded the Carlos Elementary playground to make it safe.

  • During COVID Mitigation, Laura has organized and informed parents through the group Parents United 206

  • Working as a Para-professional from pre-school to high school has given Laura a unique perspective as both a parent and an employee. 

  • Laura's leadership in our community has included serving as President of the Knute Nelson Volunteer Board in support of the residents. 

  • Her work with issues facing the care of our aging population lead her to serve as the Legislative Liaison for Health Care Auxiliaries of Minnesota (HCAM).

  • Laura Knudsen looks forward to serving parents and our community as a member of the District 206 Board of Education.

Top Three Issues

Students Building Windmill
Children Arriving at School
Young Family

Quality Education

Our community has a history of supporting our schools. In return, we expect that our school district provides the highest quality of education. We want our students to become life-long learners, while achieving their potential in our classrooms. Quality schools provide a home-grown work force and the next generation of innovators, who will create jobs in our community.

Physical and Mental Health Safety

The physical safety of our students and staff is a priority for everyone. Ensuring schools are safe from outside threats is understood. Safety needs to also include environments that protect the mental health of our students. Bullying must be addressed with absolute seriousness. Protecting students from ideologies that attack their mental health and well-being is a growing issue that needs to be addressed.

Preservation of Parents' Rights

Parents are the leading educators in their children's lives. We engage schools in an educational partnership. Communication and transparency are vital to the success of this partnership.  Our district has made decisions that go against their own parent survey results. Parents who have brought serious situations to school administrators have not seen the issues addressed. This is to the detriment of our students and school district.

How can you help elect Laura Knudsen?


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