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Top Three Issues

Students Building Windmill

High-Quality Education

The number one concern among parents today is ensuring our children are getting a high-quality education. Reading, writing, arithmetic and science are core areas our students need to be successful. Learning the basics of civics and how to function as a citizen in our country is essential. Adding experiences in art, music and athletics rounds out the academics of our students.

We are fortunate to have the resources in District 206 to provide high-quality education in all these areas. We are in need of leadership who will make this the focus.

In the last decade the State ranking of our high school dropped from 28th to 180th. This needs to be addressed. Covid mitigation robbed our students of education. Our district needs to aggressively address this lost time and bring our students back on-track academically. 

Safe School Environments

Protecting the physical safety of students and staff from dangers coming into our facilities is a known concern. Continuing to make certain that school safety protocols are followed and the highest level of technology is being used to protect our schools must be a priority.

Mental health safety is a growing concern. Ensuring student's mental health is not negatively impacted by their school experience must be taken seriously. Ending the culture of bullying from elementary playgrounds to the halls at the high school has to be addressed. 

The negative mental health impacts of harmful ideologies entering our schools has to be addressed. Teaching children that they are responsible for history's wrongs is irresponsible. Encouraging children to shift their identity is dangerous. Where this is happening, it must be stopped.

Children Arriving at School
Young Family

Preserving Parents' Rights

Parents are the number one educators in their children's lives. Parents engage schools to support the education of their children. Unfortunately, recent trends seem to be keeping parents at arms length.

In the past two years, our school district has made decisions that go against the wishes of the majority of parents responding to District 206 surveys. This is not acceptable. 

We need district leadership that is responsive to parents. Increasing the transparency of school curriculum and engaging a more diverse population of parents will strengthen our district. 

District 206 must not disregard parents' rights when making decisions for the health and well-being of their children. I will protect the rights of parents.

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